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My exclusivity is not guaranteed on the day of your event as time and travel constraints are taken into consideration for each booking. For bookings of 6 or more, there may be another stylist on hand or an assistant present.


Dates cannot be held without a signed contract and paid non-refundable booking deposit of $200. A booking deposit relates to cost associated with time spent on correspondence, admin and paperwork for each client booking, including holding your date secure and declining all subsequent enquiries for your date. 



Trials are to be paid in full on, or before, the date of the trial. 


The client will cover any necessary accommodation needed for the artist (s) and travel expenses. This includes hotel accommodations (minimum of 2 nights), flight, mileage, car rental/Uber. Every booking is unique and will be assed at the time of your booking request.


Should you wish to move your wedding date for any reason, one complimentary date change will be offered for a new date. At the time of new date change you are subject to any new booking rates and terms. If I am unavailable on any new date, the following charges will apply:

  • Loss of non-refundable booking deposit. 


If you need to cancel your booking due to an emergency or a circumstance outside of your control your booking fee can be transferred to a new date. If I am unavailable on any new date, the following charges will apply:

  • Loss of non-refundable booking deposit. 


  • In the event that I have to cancel your booking due to a booking clash (date changes are happening constantly at present and booking clashes are common), preference will be given to the party that has already had, and paid for, their hair trial. The party that I have to cancel will be refunded their booking fee in full. 

  • In the event that I am unable to attend your booking due to illness, injury, personal emergency or a circumstance beyond my control, I will endeavor to source a replacement stylist. However, this cannot be guaranteed and if I am unable to find a replacement stylist, you will receive a full refund of deposit and any monies paid less any trial costs already paid for. 

  • I reserve the right to refuse / cancel a booking if payment is not received, incorrect information is given by the client at the time of booking, contact cannot be made, or, if a booking fee has not been paid in order to reserve a date.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to conduct styling on any member of the wedding party at a trial or on the wedding day if a clients hair is not deemed to be in a suitable or healthy condition for styling - for example, but not limited to, contagious conditions such as lice or chemically damaged hair. In such instances, refunds will not be given.


It is the responsibility of the client to inform the stylist(s) of any issues that may affect the use of electrical hair styling equipment or hair styling products for all parties within the booking. This includes chemical treatments to hair, poor hair condition, prior damage to hair, sensitivities, allergies and any medical conditions. I accept no liability for any loss or damage that is incurred due to the clients failure to inform me of any known conditions and reserve the right to refuse service to the client or any members of the party who may be deemed at risk. 

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